About A Wellrounded Woman Ministries:

       From its conception, the goal of A Wellrounded Woman Ministries has been to encourage, inspire, and challenge women to reach their full potential in Christ and become the woman God designed them to be, fulfilling His kingdom purpose in their lives.


       We hold the deep conviction that this can only be accomplished as a woman develops an intimate, personal relationship with Jesus and allows the Holy Spirit to work in her heart and mind bringing healing, restoration, and freedom in her life.


       That is why we are committed to focusing on the topics of Finding Healing and Finding Significance through the principles found in the Bible. It is my sincere hope that each article, video, book, and testimony will challenge and inspire you to strengthen your relationship with Jesus, learn the Biblical principles for healing, and allow the Word of God and the Holy Spirit to shape you into the dynamic, empowered, Spirit-led woman you have the potential to be---a complete, healthy, holy, Wellrounded Woman of God. 

Excited about what God has planned for His daughters, 

Adessa Holden