October 6, 2018

      So there I sat, hoping that the report I’d heard the night before that the government is watching all of us through our webcams isn’t true.   After all, I looked BAD!   My hair wasn’t combed.   No makeup.   Lounging in my knit shorts and tank top, looki...

August 31, 2015


“This is harder than I thought, harder than I thought it’d be,

Harder than I thought, taking every part of me….

This is what love feels like”


Over the summer, I’ve been trying to make a concerted effort to...


“It’s too hot!”  

                “There’s nothing to do, I’m bored!”

                “Why can’t chores be more fun?”


July 31, 2015




It’s tomato season!   Fruit and vegetable stands are filled with ripe, juicy tomatoes just waiting to be enjoyed.   For our family, this time of year becomes a marathon of canning various types of tomato products...

July 31, 2015

It’s that time of year again!    At farmer’s markets, orchards, and even roadside stands, fruits and vegetables are available in abundance!   It’s the absolute best time of year to enjoy fresh, local produce.    At our house, we enjoy the bountiful harvest of fresh cor...

June 30, 2015


Do you want to come to a “Freezing Party?”


“YES!!!!” my friend replied with absolute enthusiasm.   She was so excited about the prospect of coming to my house and learning how to freeze her own vegetables. 


On a bright, sunny day last July, two of my friends...

June 30, 2015


Another common question that many people ask when they are first learning to live on a budget is, "What do you do with any money that is leftover at the end of a budget cycle?"


I can just hear some of you now saying, “If only I had that problem!   Trust me, you’re tim...

June 30, 2015



It was a very strange experience.    The event was planned for Sunday morning after church.   The Girl’s Ministry Class that I teach was learning about money management by hosting a Soup and Sandwich dinner to ea...

May 31, 2015



Do you have parts of your yard that seem to have outgrown their space?  


Are your landscaped areas looking crowded and out of control?


Do your perennials...

April 30, 2015



It wasn't that long ago that  I hosted my very first outdoor picnic.   It started out when we invited just one family, and then it blossomed into a party when 26 of our friends accepted the invitation and made the long trip...

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