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Did you know? 

52% of woman are single

70% of mothers in North America work

48% of women will never give birth to biological children

It’s a different day for women

In a recent article in Relevant Magazine, Christine Caine said:


“A lot of us are talking to an audience that is no longer there. We have this hugely educated generation of young women—more than 80 percent of American women go to college, 70 percent of all postgraduate degrees are women—and we talk as if they don’t exist.”


“What we have done is ostracize a generation of young women who think ‘I don’t fit anywhere.”

But we can change the momentum

Together we can let all women know they are WELCOME and WANTED.

By Jesus, by His Church and within our Women’s Ministries.

It’s our Mission….if we choose to accept it.

Join the #AWRW Campaign

Look for the Hashtag

Use the Hashtag

Most importantly, let all of the women in your sphere of influence know that they are WELCOME and WANTED in our Women’s Ministries.









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