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It was a year like no other. No one saw it coming, and no one will ever forget it. Ultimately, it changed the course of history worldwide. Thought I was talking about 2020? Sorry, I was describing a year that really changed the world—the year that Jesus was born.

Whether they are white or colored, filling an inflatable or hanging from a roof, there’s something about the way that the warm lights burst through the dark night that makes me feel warm all over. This year, the beautiful Christmas lights remind me of Jesus words to us in Matthew 5:14:




Books & Gift Ideas

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Ageless Truths

In this 21-day devotional, Adessa shares Ageless Truths that she learned in her forties but wishes that she knew much earlier in life. She invites you to join in her silliness, feel camaraderie in our similar female challenges, and be encouraged to be the woman God created you to be.


Whether you work through it on your own or work through it as a group you will be inspired by the Ageless Truth that God loves you, and no matter how young or old you are, He has a plan and purpose for your life.

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Finding Healing

The message of this book is simple: Through the power of the Holy Spirit and the work that Jesus did at the cross, you don’t have to stay trapped in your pain and heartache.  You can be healed overcome.  You can walk in freedom. 

Also Available:  Workbook and Free Video Curriculum for each chapter.

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It Takes

Are you ready to say "Yes!" to God's call to "Follow Me"?

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to walk in your God-given calling? 

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Finding Healing Workbook

A companion book to Finding Healing. 


Each chapter contains study questions that can be answered individually or as part of a group study.  It's the perfect resource to help a small group work through Finding Healing together.

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The Adventure

This book teaches how to learn God's Will for your life and enjoy every step of the journey along the way.

Comes with study questions and FREE Video Curriculum for each chapter.

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Finding Significance

Join us as we study the life of Jesus and His interactions with people while He was on earth.  Learn how He sees you and see yourself through His eyes! 

Comes with Group Discussion Questions.

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Written Devotional Series 


Christmas Videos & Video Teaching


Adessa Holden is an ordained minister with

the Assemblies of God specializing in Women's Ministry.  Together with her brother, Jamie,  they manage 4One Ministries and travel the East Coast speaking, holding conferences and producing Men's and Women's resources that provide practical Biblical teaching for everyday life.  


When asked about herself, she'll tell you, "I'm a women's minister, a sister, and a daughter.  I love to laugh and spend time with people.  My favorite things are chocolate, the ocean, sandals and white capris, anything purple, summertime, and riding in the car listening to music.  (Which is a good thing considering how much time I spend traveling.)  I'm also a HUGE fan of Hallmark Christmas movies!!!

It is my absolute honor and privilege to serve Jesus and women through this ministry."  

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