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Dear Friends,     

     One of the dreams God placed on my heart is to be able to donate copies of “Finding Healing” and the "Finding Healing Workbook" to Single Mom’s Groups,  Teen Challenge Centers, half-way houses for women, and woman’s shelters.  I truly believe that as women read about how much Jesus loves them and begin to see themselves from His perspective, it will help them come into a relationship with Him that will revolutionize their lives. 

     I’m thrilled to be able to share that since 2015, we have been able to donate over 300 books.    Later on when we ran into a few of the women who received the book, they were so appreciative and excited about ways the books had ministered to them.  As they shared their testimonies, all I could think was, “We’ve got to find a way to expand this part of the ministry!!”

     We need your help!  In order to cover the cost of printing and shipping books, we need churches and women who share our vision to purchase books to be donated. In 2018, we have groups of single Moms, women's rehabilitation centers, and prisons all across Pennsylvania using the Finding Healing Curriculum thanks to the generous gifts of women who donated books.  But we still need more books to give away. 

You can purchase one book & one workbook for $10.


      All donations are tax deductible and all Assemblies of God churches will receive AG US Missions credit for your gift.  

      Of course, these are just the practical rewards.  The real reward is knowing that your gift will help a woman in need learn more about Jesus, come into deeper relationship with Him, and learn how to live by His ways. 

     I am so excited about this project!!!   Together we can make this dream come true!!!




Adessa Holden

Please Mark Donations as "Book Donations" and Thank You

for your heart to reach hurting women!!!

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