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Failure: Dead End or Detour

We've All Been There

Have you ever thought about the fact that failure is a normal part of life?


Most people have been there done that.


The determining factor in whether your failure is the end or just a detour is ultimately up to you.

Never Waste A Failure

The truth is that time spent with Jesus or in the Bible is never wasted. It’s always an investment.


I can promise you this----if you will commit to pursuing prayer and God’s Word---even if your circumstances don’t change, YOU WILL.

How Did We Get Here? 

One of the best ways that we can invest our time during a season of failure is to allow the Holy Spirit to help us answer the question, "How Did We Get Here?"

Finding the answers to these questions is a great way to make our Failure a Detour rather than a Dead End.

Nothing is Wasted  

Nothing is ever wasted in God’s kingdom. The more you learn the more you are able to invest in God’s kingdom.


So during your time of failure don’t just sit around waiting for it to be over---learn all you can.

Don't Do Stupid Things  

Just because God allows a detour in our lives doesn’t give us any excuse to fool around with sin.


Instead, we need to walk CLOSER to God and lead a holier life.

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