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Finding Healing Small Group Curriculum

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"Why do a small group study on
Finding Healing?"

      Because the truth is that we’re all just a little bit broken. 

     We all have areas from our past, from choices we’ve made, or from circumstances that we’ve lived through that have caused us pain and heartache in our lives.

     The good news is that we don’t have to stay trapped in our brokenness.  Through the power of the Holy Spirit and practicing the Biblical principles of healing, each of us can experience victory, freedom, and the abundant life that Jesus has for us.

     How do I know?  Because I’ve experienced it in my own life. 

Because we believe that the Finding Healing book and Finding Healing Workbook would be an amazing study for your small group, we are offering a discounted group rate.  For just $120 you get 10 copies of Finding Healing and 10 copies of the Finding Healing Workbook.

Because we are so passionate about the principles taught in Finding Healing, we are offering the coordinating Video Teaching for FREE! 

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Finding Healing

 In this book I share my story of overcoming shame, lies, abuse, inferiority, and an addiction to perfection and discovered my significance, my value, and purpose in Christ.  But Finding Healing isn’t just my story…in each chapter I share the lessons we learned along the way and in the second half of the book we discuss in depth how the Biblical principles of healing can be practically applied to every person’s life. 


Finding Healing Workbook

To help you go beyond my story and begin you're own journey to healing, there is the The Finding Healing Workbook--a companion book to Finding Healing. 

 Each chapter contains study questions that can be answered individually or as part of a group study.

Next there are Scriptures to Ponder, a collection of Bible verses related to the chapter for you to read, meditate on, or memorize.  After that, it's time to write your story as we've provided space for you to journal what the Holy Spirit has shown you through the study and remember your favorite quotes.

It's the perfect resource to help a small group work through Finding Healing together.


What Are People Saying About The
Finding Healing Small Group Curriculum?

      “Adessa has taken a bold and courageous step in sharing her own testimony of abuse, which undoubtedly will have a great impact on many lives as well as lead some to Christ. Within the pages of her book Finding Healing, you’ll not only journey together with Adessa as you read her story, you will learn first hand how you too can heal from the pain and trauma of abuse and walk in the same joy and freedom that Adessa walks in today.”

        — Sue Willis, Founder of Abundant Life Ministry Center & Sue Willis Life Ministries, Inc.

      “Finding Healing is an honest revelation of the hurt and self-doubt that is produced by an incorrect view of how a Christian family should function. Adessa gives a first-hand account of her feelings both before and after Christ healed her heart of the lies she had been told. Her practical steps in finding healing in Christ give hope to those who feel there is no hope. This book calls forth a revolution of soul health and stirs a passion to function as the person God created us to become.”

       — Marjorie Tourville, wife of the former Superintendent of the PennDel Ministries Network & former Director of Women in Ministry

       “Adessa’s story catches every woman’s need to be significant to someone. I was captivated by her mother’s wisdom, the courage she displayed in facing her abuse issues, and the beauty of God’s path to healing. This is a book of hope and encouragement for anyone dealing with a painful past.”

        — Laverne Weber, Victory’s Journey Ministries

        “I love Adessa’s courageous vulnerability as she shares her story and the many lessons she learned along the path to healing. Having traveled the painful path to healing myself, I found many similarities in how the Holy Spirit led her. Like “Much Afraid” in Hinds Feet on High Places, Adessa faced her fears, processed her pain, and kept doing the “hard thing” to reach the mountain of the Lord—the place of wholeness. Now she kindly shares the steps to that journey with you to guide you on your path to finding healing. If you’re secretly longing to be free from nagging insecurity, glaring inferiority, striving, competing, and private pain, or just stuck in your spiritual growth, then get your book and start the journey with God.”

         — Angela Coon, Writer, Speaker

      "I would recommend this book to read  to anyone who has struggled with some hard issues in their life.   Adessa is open and honest with things that have happened to her and how she found freedom through the help of the Holy Spirit.  She gives great pointers in finding help through Scriptures, making application of the Word in your life, finding help through Godly counsel and is always encouraging people to find strength, peace and hope through a  relationship with the LORD Jesus Christ."

         ----Pastor Dorothy Rugg,  Writer & Associate Pastor Mill City Assembly of God

       "I highly recommend Finding Healing.  It is one of the first books that I felt dealt with the subject of inner healing with very practical steps to take and honesty with the kind of emotions experienced in each step.  Loved it and will be passing it on to the ladies in our group."

        ----Tina Roberge, Pastor's Wife at Living Hope Assembly of God and Executive Director of Churches that                    Care

For character references, please feel free to contact:

Tom Rees---Penndel Ministry Network

Pastor Roland Angela Coon---Calvary Assembly of God

Pastor Joey & Lori Cullen--Philadelphia Christian Church & Philadelphia Master's Commission

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