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We Invite You to Read and Download our Free E-Books


Dressing for Victory 
    by Adessa Holden 



    In our newest e-book, “Dressing for Victory” we’re studying Ephesians 6:10-18.  Verse by verse, we’re going to study each article of clothing in our spiritual armor and talk about how we can “put it on” spiritually.   Together, we’ll challenge each other to be women who live in victory and overcome the attacks of the enemy.   Rather than being weak women who run from the battle, we’ll choose to be empowered women who not only acknowledge that the battle exists, but are willing to fight for victory in our own lives and the lives of our family and friends.   I hope you’ll join us on this new journey as we become women who “Dress for Victory”.

Mind Games
    by Adessa Holden 



     In "Mind Games,"  we study what each area Paul told us to think about really means and how we can apply his command to our lives. We examine the need to stop letting the world tell us what to allow into our minds.  In order to win the mind games, we have to follow the words of Paul in Philippians 4:8-9.  This book is jammed back with practical application on how we can do this.

Do You Want to Marry A Prince or A Frog?
    by Adessa Holden


      This book is meant to serve as a reality check.   As women, we dream of getting married.  We imagine the proposal, the ring and the wedding.  But do we spend enough time getting to know the man?   


     Each chapter of this book is designed to encourage women to look for a husband who loves Jesus and has His character traits.   To do this, we will be studying men in the Bible.   Some men will have bad character traits which we'll learn to avoid.   Other men will exemplify things we should be looking for in a husband.   


Money Lessons 101 
  by Adessa Holden


     Many years ago, our family went through a major financial crisis.   In Money Lessons 101, we share the lessons we learned during this time and the Biblical Financial Principles that helped us get back onto the road to financial freedom.  The lessons we share include, how we worked to break free of debt, develop a budget, and handle our finances in a Biblical way.  We hope you this book helps you on your own journey toward handing money God's way and living in financial freedom.  

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