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#2 The Weekly Bible Reading Challenge

I genuinely believe that the most significant challenge facing Christians today is a lack of Biblical knowledge. Too many believers are falling into sin, believing the culture's deceptions, and falling for lies because they do not know what the Bible says or how to apply it to their lives.

The answer to this problem is simple: We must read the Bible!

Yet, it seems like many Christians experience a struggle between knowing that they should read the Bible and actually reading the Bible daily. It's actually one of the most common things I hear from women, "I know I should read the Bible. I just don't have the time, the discipline, or know where to start." Even women who look like they have their spiritual lives all together--they are leaders in their churches, volunteering for everything--seem to struggle in this area.

But it's time for the struggle to end and see women start gaining victory!!!

To help motivate and inspire people to read their Bibles every day, we are starting the "Weekly Bible Reading Challenge."

Each Monday, I will post the weekly challenge—usually, one book of the Bible divided into seven daily passages.

Together, we can challenge each other to read God's Word so that it can be a part of our hearts and minds. Together, we can hold each other accountable and make Bible reading a part of our daily life. If you miss a day, just read two sections the next day.

But this challenge isn't just for women who struggle with reading the Bible. If you're already reading the Bible daily, you can still participate and share the challenge on your timeline to encourage your friends to read their Bibles with you. The truth is that you know lots of people who I will never meet. If you share the challenge on your social media, perhaps you will encourage them to start consistently reading the Bible in their lives. You can make a difference just by sharing the challenge. Maybe you could even challenge a small group of ladies or teens to take the challenge together while you hold them accountable.

The possibilities are limitless for how this challenge can be used.

I hope that you will listen to the Holy Spirit, and this challenge will inspire you to consistently read your Bible and encourage others in your sphere of influence to do the same.

I truly believe that daily Bible reading is essential to the life of every believer. It is the only way we will stand as strong followers of Christ against a culture full of lies. Join me, and let's challenge each other to read the Bible!!!

Adessa Holden is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God specializing in Women's Ministry. Together with her brother, Jamie, they manage 4One Ministries and travel the East Coast speaking, holding conferences, and producing Men's and Women's resources that provide practical Biblical teaching for everyday life.

When asked about herself, she'll tell you "I'm a women's minister, a sister, and a daughter. I love to laugh and spend time with people. My favorite things are chocolate, the ocean, sandals and white capris, anything purple, summertime and riding in the car listening to music. It is my absolute honor and privilege to serve Jesus and women through this ministry."


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