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Why I Don't Want My Life to Be Like An Adele Song


It's me...

I've been wondering if after all these years you'd like to speak....

Unless you've been living on another planet or you're Amish, there's a pretty good chance that you've heard the rest of the song. Let's be's hard to miss...playing everywhere from grocery stores, malls, banks, on the radio and all over T.V. Even though I'll admit that it sounds fantastic and the singer has a magnificent's what I've been thinking as I've heard it (over and over and over again)

The truth is....I don't want my life to be like an Adele song.

I don't want to spend the hours of my life going over and over things that happened in the past, recounting regrets or wondering what could have been.

Nor do I want to waste time worrying and stressing about the future.

Yet, I'll admit that like many woman---too often I find my brain heading in these directions---wasting my time and emotional energy on things that are completely out of my control. Before long, I'd be spiraling down the rabbit hole of worry, regret, guilt, and heartache.

However, a few weeks ago, I began making a conscientious effort to change.

The decision came on the heels of a time when it seemed like all I was doing was battling between the past and the future. It would usually start with missing my Mom who went to Heaven a few year ago. Then I'd start reliving decisions and wondering if I did enough to help her....could I have done more....could I have made her life easier? Soon I'd be remember my Dad's choices and being angry that he made her life so hard. On and on I'd spiral into a mindset of sadness and regret.

Oddly enough, it seemed like the other tactic the enemy was using to attack my mind and steal my peace came in worrying about the future. What would happen? Would I ever marry? Would God financially provide? What would it be like to be 80 years old?

One day as I was mentally fighting back and forth between these two extremes, I thought, "Enough is enough! This is ridiculous. The truth is that right now my life is pretty good. God's opening doors for ministry, I have an awesome brother who works along side of me, God is providing, and this is a good time. Why am I wasting it living in the past and future."

That's when I decided to make a change and begin taking my thoughts captive and enjoy the moment I am in.

When my mind wants to wander into the past I say "No, focus on today."

When my heart begins to worry about the future, I say, "No, focus on Jesus and let the future to Him."

Day by day I am intentionally deciding to LIVE TODAY TO THE FULLEST.

The Bible says 'This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it." (Psalm 118:24)

The truth is the past is gone. Whether we have regrets or fond memories, we can't go back.

Other than making positive choices that will help reach righteous rewards, there is really nothing I can do to control the future.

What I can control is today.

Am I living today to the fullest?

Am I making good choices that will reap good rewards?

Am I making a positive difference in the lives of others?

Am I loving, helping, and enjoying the people in my life right now??

I have to admit that making the decision to tell my brain to "Stop and refocus on today" whenever it starts dwelling too much on the past or future, has made a big difference in my attitude, my energy, and my life in general. I'm seeing a difference in my level of joy, peace and contentment as I'm choosing to take charge of my thought life and focus on following Jesus day by day moment by moment.

What about you?

Does your thought life resemble an Adele song?

How much time do you spend thinking about what was, what could have been, or wanting what you don't have?

Maybe it's time for you to change the channel in your brain.

Don't live your life like an Adele song. Instead, be an overcomer who lives each and every day of your life to the fullest!

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