Search for Significance: Who I Really Am

May 18, 2016



I am not just a woman who writes and talks about Finding Significance; I am a woman who struggles to overcome feelings of insignificance.


There are days when I feel small, unimportant, plain, unnoticed.


I wasn’t born to wealth, success, power or prestige.


I’m not unusually intelligent, witty, beautiful or talented.


I hold no special abilities.  I am average. 


Deep inside of my heart I still carry the memories of failure, regrets, pain, and the shame of being single. 


There are days when I wonder if I matter, if I’m making a difference, or if I’m just another voice among the millions.


When I take a really good look at myself and my accomplishments, I realize that I am truly one of the most ordinary people in the world.


That is why it is best that neither you nor I spend too much time focusing on ourselves---because from that perspective we are truly insignificant.


However---and this is a GINORMOUS “however”---when we change our perspectives and refocus our attention on Our Heavenly Father and see ourselves through His eyes, our outlook is completely changed. 


Because even though in myself I am nothing; because of my Heavenly Father, I AM SIGNIFICANT.


In His eyes, I am loved.


I am chosen.


I am called, ordained and set apart for Him.  


Although my earthly family may not seem important, my Heavenly Father is the Supreme Creator and Commander of the Universe.  I am significant because I am His child.


As His child, I am protected, preserved, defended, and cared for.


He planned and wanted me.


He has a significant design and plan and purpose for my life to fulfill play a significant role in His kingdom.


He goes before me, behind me, and is always beside me.


Looking back on my life, I can see that over and over He has worked miracles to take care of His child---simply because I am significant to Him. 


In the grand scheme of things, it’s this truth that makes you and I significant.


It isn’t about who we are or what we can do.


Our significance is completely, 100% dependant on WHOSE WE ARE. 


We are the children of God.


That makes us significant.




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