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Time to Press "Delete"

Every once in awhile, you’ve got to go through your email messages, dump all the junk, and empty your recycle bin.

Think about it---are you really going to use that coupon that expired last week or take advantage of the sale that ended 3 Tuesdays ago?

It’s time to delete it and forget it.

Today (while I was cleaning out the stacks of junk mail that have piled up) I started thinking how life is a lot like your email box (very Forest Gump of me wouldn’t you say---but follow me on this.)

Sometimes you just have to forgive things and empty the offenses into the recycling bin of life.

After all, what are you saving them for except to pull them out and rehash everything at a later date?

Do we really want to be the kind of people who do that?

Not me. Instead, I am going to work harder on deleting offenses, emptying the recycling bin of life’s junk, and focusing on what’s on God’s agenda today.

Who's With Me?

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