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When Something on Social Media Offends You

“A person’s wisdom yields patience; it is to one’s glory to overlook an offense.”

Proverbs 19:11

I couldn’t believe what I was reading. It was on Facebook (where else) and the first thought that went through my head was, “Could you seriously be any more offensive?”

My initial thought was to verbally strike back and lay out a very impassioned yet logical 5-point argument spelling out why this person was wrong and why the post was insensitive to say the least. I could have even given statistics and more importantly Scriptures to prove my point!

But then a quieter, much wiser voice spoke from inside saying, “Don’t go there. Just let it go.

Because honestly, what good is yet another social media debate going to do anyone?

The last thing any person who doesn’t know Jesus or any immature believer needs to see is two Christians fighting it out on social media over an offense.

Even within the church we don’t need to be making anymore public displays of women of God slinging mud at each other because one woman hurt another’s feelings.

Instead, all of us (because let’s be honest and admit that I’m not the only one who’s faced with the temptation to walk into the trap of an offense) need to remember this Scripture from Proverbs, take a deep breath, and make the choice to overlook the offense.

Just let it go.

Don’t allow yourself to be offended, but instead, let it roll off your back and move forward.

If you feel you must do something---Pray.

Pray for the person who offended you.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will change their heart, mind, and opinion.

Admit that your argument will probably only strengthen their resolve, but the conviction of the Holy Spirit could actually change their hearts.

Then move on. Don’t let the offense stay in your heart, but rather choose to forgive them and try to forget it.

After all, when you see a pebble in the sidewalk, you don’t have to trip on it. You can choose to walk around it, avoid the stumble, and keep walking with your head held high.

Personally, looking back on my situation, I’m glad this was the path I choose.

In the heat of the moment, I’m glad that I listened to the quiet voice saying, “It isn’t worth the damage you’d do to your reputation or Jesus’ reputation to respond to this offense. Let it go. Pray for the person involved and move on.”

Today, I challenge you to follow suit.

Don’t get hung up on minor offenses.

Don’t go to battle over minuscule words.

Instead, be wise, be patient, and be a woman who can overlook an offense, hold her head up high, and keep moving forward.

“Our Christian witness is compromised again and again by our social media actions. When we say or write scathing attacks on others, non-believers see us as hypocritical, inconsistent, and unworthy of emulating…..Be wise. Be gracious. Be kind. And be Christ-like.”

---Thom Rainer

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