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Thinking Differently

The Lord has given me a strong warning not to think like everyone else does.

Isaiah 8:11

These words jumped off of the page like lightning as I was reading my morning devotions.

“Do not think like everyone else does.”

Boy, is that a good description of my life!

Yet, looking back over the years I can see so many times when God has required my brother and I to resist the thinking of the culture---and sometimes the modern day church---to follow a different pattern in our own lives.

When well meaning friends have said, “Just borrow the money, it’s no big deal.”

When others suggested online dating as a way to find a spouse and end my season of singleness.

When the culture said, “It’s no big deal if you have a drink, go to the movies, or loosen the reins a little and have some fun.”

And the many many times when people said, “This can’t be God’s will for your life---you need to stop waiting and make your own way.”

Yet looking back on all of those words of advice from well-meaning people, I am so glad that we followed the Holy Spirit and didn’t follow the ways of the culture. We didn’t do what everyone else was doing but instead we held to our convictions, continued walking in faith even when it was difficult, and trusted that God would make a way where there seemed to be no way.

I’m so grateful that we did.

Even though it wasn’t always easy (in fact, many times it was just downright painful and hard), I’m so grateful that we chose to follow God’s path for our lives no matter how weird, unique or misunderstood it seemed. Because today, we are reaping the rewards of those years of investment, even as we are daily choosing over and over again to follow the ways set out in God’s Word and our personal convictions rather than the ways of the culture.

Over and over again, I have seen God come through, honor our commitment, provide, protect, and have a plan that absolutely blew our minds.

Perhaps that why today when I’m faced with a difficult decision---a fork in the road---and the advice of the culture goes against my convictions and my commitment to following God’s Word, I still choose to think a little differently.

Even recently, when we were facing a major financial obstacle and were told, “It isn’t sin to go into debt”, we made the choice to wait and pray and stand by our commitment to financial peace. Once again, God honored our commitment and provided our need in a way only He could imagine.

So why do I believe we shouldn’t follow the wisdom of the world?

Because I’ve seen that we don’t have to.

When we follow God’s Word wholeheartedly and commit to staying on His paths, He provides.

Every. Single. Time.

Compromise isn’t necessary because every time I’ve been told, “Your convictions are keeping you from getting what you need”, I’ve seen God say, “Oh yeah, watch this!!!”

It encourages me to continue holding fast. Continue being faithful. Maintain a stance of obedience.

Don’t think like everyone else does, but fill your mind with God’s Word and live accordingly.

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