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Do You Care Enough to Share?

So often, we find something that works for us and we can’t wait to tell people about it.

I just read this book and it changed my life.

This new diet---it made me feel so much healthier.

I took this new supplement and it just changed the way I function.

Sharing Jesus is much the same way---He changes us and then we tell others about the change.

The question is: Will you do it?

Do you care enough about your neighbors, your family, your friends, your country to share your testimony?

Being completely vulnerable, I’ll admit that this is a question that Jamie and I had to answer in our own lives a few years ago.

Many of you who are here have heard our testimony and read our books so you know that almost everywhere we go, we share our family’s story of how healing and deliverance from abuse, secrets, and lies. We share how our Mom became a Christian and completely sold out to Jesus, yet our Dad chose religion and wouldn’t let Jesus change anything about him. He was just content to play church.

Throughout the years as Jamie and I were growing up our Mom wholeheartedly and passionately served Jesus, while our Dad held on to his secrets and lies making sure that everything looked “perfect”.

Then one day God stepped in and destroyed our perfect world, exposed my Dad’s sin and began the process of healing our hearts and minds so that we could experience true life and true freedom.

For us, that was a miraculous journey. Hard but life-changing.

Because of God’s work in our lives, we are completely different people than we were or back then even could have hoped to be. God did a miraculous work and that is our testimony.

Yet, can I be honest with you and say that it would have been really easy to have gone through that process, thanked God for all He did, enjoy the benefits, and still have kept it all a secret? It was tempting to just keep it quiet, continue our “perfect” image and thank God for the benefits we were enjoying.

But the Holy Spirit made it very clear to us that it would be wrong for us to do that.

You see, with privilege comes responsibility.

When you and I are privileged to experience God’s forgiveness, salvation, healing, and restoration we have a RESPONSIBILITY to share our testimony with others.

The truth is that your testimony doesn’t belong to you---it belongs to God.

It is the story of His grace, His mercy, His compassion, and His miraculous power.

As a recipient of all of those things, you and I have a responsibility to shout from the rooftops and let the whole world see through our lives that there is a God Who saves, delivers, and heals and He wants to change ALL lives.

That is why we share our testimony. It’s why we speak and write books and completely open ourselves up---because we are so grateful for what God has done in our lives that we can’t help but share it with others.

But this doesn’t just apply to us.

It applies to every single person who has been saved by grace and had their relationship with Jesus Christ make a difference in their lives.

The Holy Spirit is asking you: “Do you care enough to share?”

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