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Keeping Your Battery Charged

A few years ago, my brother and I entered into the wonderful world of smartphones. I was not excited. The truth is that it took a lot of “convincing” on my part because I didn’t see that it was necessary.

A computer in a phone----who needed that? I just couldn’t see it.

Now three years later, I get it. Like most of us, I’ve become somewhat dependant on it in both my private and ministry life. After seeing all of it’s potential, I’ve come to appreciate the amazing benefits of this tiny little computer that fits compactly into my purse. And I’ve loved not having to haul my laptop around whenever I needed an email, a file, or to look at a computer.

Even though I wasn’t into the purchase at first, now I’m completely sold! This thing is amazing----that is as long as I remember to keep it charged.

Of course, this doesn’t always happen. I’m ashamed to admit that too often I’ll be in the middle of a phone call or getting ready to leave for the day when I’ll get that pesky “running low on battery” signal alerting me that I’d better find a charger or lose my phone.

What I’m learning is:

Whether it’s a phone, a tablet, or a laptop, when the battery runs out of power, all of the potential is lost.

The principle doesn’t just apply to technology---it also applies to people.

You see, the Heavenly Father has created each one of us with a significant amount of potential. He’s given us talents, abilities, unique personalities, and gifting to accomplish great things and influence the people in our lives. Whether you can see it or not, inside of you there is incredible capacity to be change your world for the better.

There are qualities inherent in you that haven’t even been explored yet and the things you can do and the places God wants to take you are still beyond your imagination. In the words of Dr. Seuss, Oh the places you have yet to go!

Yet, the full potential of these dormant possibilities are completely dependent on one thing: Whether or not you stay connected to your Power Source: The Holy Spirit.

You see, on your own, your ability to be who God created you to be is limited; yet when you stay connected to Jesus, those limits become limitless.

So the question is: how do we tap into this power and stay connected to it?

The answer is simple:

Just as we take time to charge our device’s batteries, we need to take time to charge our spiritual batteries.

We need to spend time in prayer every day.

We need to read the Bible and meditate on it.

There are no short cuts.

You see the reason that too many Christian women who are filled with potential never fulfill their true destiny is because they expect the charge they get on Sunday morning to power their spiritual batteries throughout the week.

As we can see in our technological devices---that won’t work.

Around Tuesday or Wednesday, your battery will run out of power and you’ll be running on empty for the rest of the week.

But this doesn’t have to happen.

Instead, we have the opportunity to recharge our battery every day as we spend personal time with Jesus and read God’s Word.

That’s how we stay fresh, empowered, and ready to conquer every challenge God puts in our lives.

When our battery is charged, the possibilities of how God can use us to change the world are endless.

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