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Lessons from a Lawn Mower

I love watching people. Seriously, I could do it for hours. Why? Because human beings are truly fascinating, and quite frankly the best comedy show around. (Especially if your mind has a slightly sarcastic bent.)

One of the people I’ve been watching over the past few years is an older woman.

A few years ago her kids gave her what I’m sure they thought was the best Mother’s Day gift ever---a brand new, top of the line, riding lawn mower. Trust me, this machine cost a pretty penny! I’m sure they thought she’d love it as it would enable her to stop using a push mower to cut her rather large lawn in the heat of summer.

Unfortunately, whatever they expected was not what they got.

She was not thrilled. Like at all.

In fact, even after they gave her lessons on how to work it, she still refuses to use it. Instead, she continues doing hard labor pushing her old lawnmower every single week.

Every week I think, “What a waste!”

She was given a top of the line tool that would make her life so much easier, yet she refuses to use it.

Perhaps she’s afraid of it, maybe she still doesn’t know how to use it. I honestly don’t know.

One thing I know for sure is that if she’d use the tool she was given, it would change her life. (Well, at least in the summer!)

Of course, she’s not alone.

The truth is that there are many, many Christians who are struggling with the same dilemma as this woman.

You see, God has given us every tool that we need to live the full, abundant, emotionally and spiritually healthy lives He planned for us. And yet too many Christians are struggling through life, stumbling over the same issues and heartaches over and over again, missing out on God’s plan for their lives.

Why? Because like my story, they are ignoring or refusing to use the tools God has given them.

This absolutely breaks my heart. I suspect that it breaks God’s heart, too. After all, He gave us the tools of the Holy Spirit’s guidance, prayer, Bible reading, counseling, forgiveness, and so many other Biblical principles so that we could walk in healing and our lives could be better. How sad He must be when we don’t take full advantage of them and experience all He has for us!

Perhaps today you’re reading these words and wondering how you can learn about these tools and apply them to your life.

I’d love to share more with you about them.

In fact, that’s what the entire second half of Finding Healing is about---the tools God’s given us so we can experience healing and freedom in our lives. Each chapter discusses a separate principle, how it can practically be applied and the difference it made my life.

We also have an entire series called “Building Strength for the Journey” that provides teaching the tools God has given us and how we can apply them to our lives. You can read it here, completely free!

As you begin learning about the tools God has given us to experience freedom, I want to encourage you to start using them right away. After all, the more you practice, the more powerful change they will bring to your life.

But please, above all else, don’t waste these wonderful gifts God has given you.

Instead, use them, enjoy them, and experience everything He has planned for your abundant life.

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