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What does "restoration" mean?

Think about it in “yard sale” terms.

We take something that’s old, beat up and seemingly useless and we “restore” it to it’s original beauty. We give it back it’s value and make it able to be used for it’s original purpose again.

Years ago, one of my favorite hobbies was restoring furniture.

Being a bargain hunter, I loved finding a piece of old furniture at a yard sale, purchase it for practically nothing, taking it home, sanding it down, and restoring it to something new.

I remember one time my next door neighbor put an end table with a broken leg out for the garbage man. Seeing it’s potential, I snatched it up, fixed the leg, sanded it down, refinished it and restored it to a beautiful piece of furniture that we used in our house for years.

Of course, in terms of our lives, restoration has a similar yet much deeper meaning.

The truth is that God’s will for each of our lives is that we be restored.

He wants to take our sins, our regrets, the things that have damaged us in our past, our bad choices, and even our just plain mistakes----He wants to take all of our garbage and make it

into something beautiful. He wants to use all of our failures to become a shining testament of His grace.

This is God’s will for ALL women.

You see the amazing thing about God is that He isn’t sitting up in Heaven creating a pile of good people and bad people. He isn’t saying, “Well, I’ll love her, her and her, and redeem her and restore her and bring her into a personal relationship with Me, but her and her----no they are just too far gone.”

No God’s will is that ALL women (and men) experience His redemption, His restoration, and spend their lives living in an intimate, personal relationship with Him.

Because the beautiful thing about God is that He sees more than just where you are right now.

He knows it all.

From conception until you’re dying day He knows everything you’ve experienced, everything you’ve done, and everything that made you the way you are.

He’s got the full picture.

In spite of this, and maybe because of this, He has a design for your life that is greater than anything you can even imagine.

When you allow Him to take you through the Restoration process, He can and will make you into a woman with a future beyond anything you can currently see or imagine.

I know this is true in my own life. I remember a time in my life when I felt like a failure. I remember feeling rejected, unwanted, and like my life could never amount to anything beautiful again. I often described it as feeling like the last puppy in a basket---the one no one wanted.

And yet, God wanted me. In fact, during this time when I felt the most unwanted and worthless, He had chosen as my time of restoration---a season where He ordained to heal the things that were hurting me and transform me into the woman He originally created me to be.

Even though I might not have understood this process at the time, today I can say that it was one of the greatest blessings of my life: when God saw my brokenness and took me through His restoration process.

Today, if you are in a time of restoration, I want to encourage you to submit to it.

Allow the Holy Spirit the freedom and control to do whatever He needs to do in your life. Trust Him, as your Creator, to see beyond the brokenness and see the potential. Allow Him to work and see all that He has in store.

Here's an encouraging song to help you get started:

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