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Help!!! I Need Somebody!! Help!!!

It was a crisp, cool August morning when the Holy Spirit woke me up before everyone else. (I guess He just couldn’t wait to share His plan…or maybe He knew when the house was quiet I’d be sure to listen.) Either way, it was the beginning of an exciting journey.

Until this moment, I hadn’t been getting a lot of answers from Heaven. In fact, my prayer time had been somewhat frustrating as I’d been asking God, “What do you want me to do?” only to be met with silence. In fact, just days before my brother had asked me, “What is your ministry plan for the next few months?” and all I could say was, “I am not sure….the Holy Spirit hasn’t given me any direction yet, so I’m just waiting.”

Well, on this morning I had to wait no more because it was time to receive an answer.

And yet like all of God’s plans, it was very different than anything I had imagined. Instead, it was so much better!

Want to know what He said?

Well, I can’t wait to tell you. (Seriously, I’ve been keeping this in for 2 months…and I’m not that good with keeping quiet about exciting news!)

Here it is:

In the quiet of a cool summer morning, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “I want you to contact the head of a local single mom’s organization and offer to donate the Finding Healing Small Group Curriculum to her group.”

That was just the beginning.

Over the next few hours, the Holy Spirit laid out a plan for our ministry to contact other Single Moms groups, Teen Challenge Centers, and women’s shelters, and offer to donate the books and workbooks so that their women can learn the principles that will bring them to a point of healing and freedom in their lives.

I have to admit that my first reaction wasn’t exactly filled with faith (is it ever?)

Even though I loved the plan and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt this was the Holy Spirit talking, I must admit that my first thought was, “How are we going to pay for this?”

(I mean, it costs money to print the books---where was this money coming from?)

That’s when the Holy Spirit challenged me to take several steps of faith.

First, He told me to take a leap of faith and purchase a large quantity of books which would reduce the price per book cost.

(Okay, hyperventilating a little—I mean, this took a lot of faith for me to make this order)

Next, He told me to donate half of my personal salary that month to the project.

(Which I obeyed.)

Finally, He told me to start spreading the vision with His people and He would provide.

Well, we did steps #1 and #2. I took a step of faith, donated my own money, and the ministry invested it’s small savings into our new adventure. (Thank you board of directors and Jamie!)

Let me be honest and say that I was shaking in my shoes.

But as always, God came through. Over the next few weeks, doors started opening to donate the curriculum.

I’m happy to report that after just a few contacts, we now have 5 groups who will be going through the Finding Healing curriculum and we are in talks with more.

We’ve also found our first church that is willing to sponsor a group and partner with us to help reach more women with the powerful message of Finding Healing in Jesus.

It has been an unbelievable journey so far, watching God open doors and providing in ways that positively blew me out of the water.

And now that I believe I’d done all I can do, I am coming to you, my partners and friends, to ask for your help us reaching women who are in truly in need of God’s healing in their hearts and minds.

How can you help?

1. You can donate books.

You can donate one Finding Healing book and one Finding Healing Workbook for $8 or 3 sets of books for $20. All donations go to covering the costs of printing and shipping materials

2. Your Women’s Group, Sunday school class, or church can sponsor a group.

Your group of ladies can work together to donate the Finding Healing Small Group Curriculum to another group of ladies in a half-way house, a Teen Challenge Center, or a Single Mom’s group. If you sponsor a group, we will insert a note saying that the curriculum was donated with love from your group. We’ll also send you information on the group you sponsor so you can pray as they go through the curriculum.

3. You can purchase copies of Finding Healing for yourself or a friend.

Since the Holy Spirit placed this vision on my heart, I have committed that all of the proceeds from Finding Healing sales will go back into the ministry to help cover the costs of this program. When you purchase books at full price, you aren’t just receiving a fantastic resource, you are also helping us reach hurting women.

4. You can PRAY!!!!

Pray for the women going through the curriculum, pray that God supplies the funds so we can continue donating the curriculum, and pray that God will anoint the leaders who are taking their ladies through the curriculum.

Of course, all donations are tax deductible and all Assemblies of God churches will receive AG US Missions credit for your gift.

But these are just the practical rewards. The real reward is knowing that your gift will help a woman in need learn more about Jesus, come into a deeper relationship with Him, and experience healing and freedom in their lives.

Personally, I am so excited about this project!!! Together, I believe that we can put the Holy Spirit’s plan into action. Sister to sister, friend to friend, we can come together to help women find their healing in Jesus.

To Donate Online:

To Donate by Mail:

Make check payable to:

A Wellrounded Woman Ministries

Mail to:

A Wellrounded Woman Ministries

1109 E. Colliery Avenue

Tower City PA 17980

Please Mark Donations as "Book Donations" and Thank You for your heart to reach hurting women!!!

To Sponsor a Group:

If you would like to sponsor a group, contact me at

To Learn More About the Finding Healing Small Group Curriculum:

Thanks for taking the time to read this article and for your heart to reach hurting women!!!!!

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