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What Are You Thinking (and other thoughts I have while watching Trading Spaces)

Even though I was born in the seventies, I consider the nineties my decade. Even now I love the music (DC TALK and NEWBOYS rock!), the movies, (I mean, do they even make movies like “You’ve Got Mail” and “While You Were Sleeping” anymore?), and of course, the TV shows. That’s why I was so excited when the classic DIY show, “Trading Spaces” came back on the air last spring. Gotta admit—-I still love the show! Even though the cast has aged (Ty Pennington is now in his fifties!), it’s still fun watching two couples exchange houses to redesign a room in the other’s home. I still can’t decide what I enjoy more—-the crazy designs or the shock value when the rooms are finally revealed. I guess I love them both! Of course, a decade later, some things in the show have changed. One feature is the addition of what they call the Overstock Tent—-a tent where each team can choose one free item to put into their room. (Basically, an advertisement for all that’s available at Just being real, I have to admit that this is the most frustrating part of the show for me. Because without fail, the teams who are remodeling the rooms make the dumbest choices!!! Even though you’ll probably never hear me yelling at the television during a sports event, almost every week you’ll hear me yelling at these people to pick another item because I simply don’t understand their choices. I mean, I guess I’m just too practical, but I just don’t understand why you would pick a candle (that you could get at the Dollar Store) when there is a leather chair sitting right next to you waiting to be snatched up. One week, there was an entire wooden dresser available and the couple chose a tray. Then there was my personal favorite where a couple was choosing between an 8X10 rug that would cover a whole room and a tiny little throw that covered about 2 feet. What did they choose? The tiny little thing that cost about $30! Trust me when I say, I would not be making this choice!!! If I ever get the chance to go into a similar situation, I’m walking away with the biggest, most expensive item on the lot! Because why when you could have ANYTHING do you choose something so trivial? It’s an endless source of frustration for me, both when I’m watching this show and in real life. (Wait, how did we get to real life—-I thought we were talking DIY shows?) Well, we were……and yet, I see so many Christians make the same choice in their real lives. The truth is that as Christians, we are offered so much more than just salvation and eternity in Heaven. Not that these things aren’t great—-they just aren’t the end of what is offered. No, as children of God, we are given the opportunity to experience:

—-an intimate, personal relationship with God and the ability to communicate with Him in prayer

—-the baptism in the Holy Spirit giving us empowerment to accomplish God’s will in our lives

—-healing from our past and our pain

—-the opportunity to become a new person who lives differently

—-power to overcome sin and live free from it’s bondage

—-the Word of God giving us direction on how to live our lives

—-a new church family to love and support us through life



—-freedom from the things that hold us in bondage

…..and so much more. And yet, too many Christians reject all that is offered to them and instead choose to live below their potential as casual Christians who are content to simply have the promise of eternal life. Every time I encounter someone who has made this choice I want to ask, “WHY?????????” Why are you choosing to settle for less when there is so much offered to you? I will never understand. Honestly, I don’t want to understand because I never want this to be my attitude. Instead, I want to be among the men and women of faith who have throughout the centuries embraced all that God has for them.

People who pursued God with passion eager to obtain everything He had for their lives. Those who have understood that the kingdom of God is worth everything. It is the hidden treasure and the pearl of great price.

“The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.

“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it.

(Matthew 13:44-46)

I want all that God has to offer no matter what it costs me.

As you’re reading this article, I hope it stirs a passion in you to desire the same things.

I hope it challenges you to really examine your life and ask yourself: Am I pursuing all that God has for my life or am I settling for less is offered to me?

Most importantly, I hope that today, you will choose that from this day forward, you will choose to go for all that God has for you and to begin making choices that will help you grab hold of all that is available.

I hope you’ll be inspired to avoid settling—-to stop wallowing in sin and defeat and begin passionately pursuing God’s perfect will for your life.

Make the choice to embrace the fullness of God’s plan for your life.

Go after God’s will for your life with gusto and refuse to settle for less!


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