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A Perfect Surprise

It was such a surprise. One year ago, heading into 2019, I really had no special plans. I knew we’d do Mantours and that my new book would come out in the Spring. Other than that, I expected the year to follow our usual routine. And then God interrupted. I’ll never forget the morning that Jamie told me about the strange dream he had. In the dream, were just about to close on a new house when the Holy Spirit stopped him with a list of reasons that we should stay in the house we have and make improvements to fit the ministry. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing because I’d had the exact same dream that night. After several nights of having the same dream, Jamie said: “I’m calling a contractor to look into this—I need some rest!” Over the next two weeks, God made it clear what our next step was to turn our two-car garage into a designated office space for the ministry. So I figured “Okay, we’ll cast vision in 2019, save, and start construction in the summer of 2020.” That was the plan that made sense to me. Only it wasn’t God's plan. Over the next few weeks, He made it very very clear that the project would start and finish in 2019. If you’ve been reading our blog or following us on Facebook, you know the rest is history Today, we are working in our new office space and loving it. But last New Years—it was nowhere in our minds. That’s what’s awesome about following Jesus—it’s an adventure. Never boring. Always challenging. Hardly ever what you expect. And yet if you are really following Jesus, walking with Him in obedience to His Word, it’s the most exciting adventure you’ll ever take in your life. So this New Year as you make your resolutions, set your goals, and map out your plans, I want to encourage you to leave room for Divine Surprises. Listen for those moments when the Holy Spirit interrupts your plans and says, “I want to go this way.” Whenever you have the call to “Follow”, answer and obey. Watch as God's surprises lead you on a journey that’s greater than any you can imagine. Happy New Year!


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