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Small Group Curriculums

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Knowing the importance of women connecting with other women, we have made it easy to use all of our resources as small group curriculum.  

Every book has study group questions at the end of each chapter.   

We also have FREE videos to go with each chapter of each book.  

So gather a group of girls, read through the book, watch the videos and answer the questions together.   To make it even easier, each book is available at discounted group rates.   

Pick a study and get started today!


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Book, Workbook & Video

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Book, Scriptures to Discuss & Video

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FREE 6 Week Bible Study

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Book, Study Questions & Videos

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Books and Video Available

Men's Edition Also Available

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Bible Study with Study Questions

Purchase Your Books at the 4One Ministries Bookstore

Knowing the importance of connection, we have made it easy to use all of our resources as a group.

Each book has: study group questions and most have  FREE videos with 10-15 minutes of teaching for each chapter.

Join the groups that have worked through our curriculum and loved it!  


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