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The Adventure  Small Group Curriculum

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"Life's An Adventure, You Need to Learn to Love the Journey." 

But what if your journey doesn’t resemble the life of your dreams?  Can you still love the adventure God designs for you? 

      In this book, you’ll find the answer is “Absolutely, Yes!” 

      Sharing practical principles learned on her own journey, Adessa supplies key advice and Biblical teaching that will help you discover your God-given passion, place and purpose and appreciate every step of the journey along the way. 

Are you ready to begin your adventure?

Because we believe that the Finding Healing book and Finding Healing Workbook would be an amazing study for your small group, we are offering a discounted group rate.  For just $120 you get 10 copies of Finding Healing and 10 copies of the Finding Healing Workbook.

Because we are so passionate about the principles taught in Finding Healing, we are offering the coordinating Video Teaching for FREE! 

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The Adventure: Discovering Your God-Given Passion, Place, and Purpose

 Sharing practical principles learned on her own journey, Adessa supplies key advice and Biblical teaching that will help you discover your God-given passion, place and purpose and appreciate every step of the journey along the way.  

Study Questions for a Small Group are Included in this Book.


Free Video Teaching for Each Chapter

To help small groups and individuals dive even deeper into The Adventure: Discovering Your God-Given Passion, Place, and Purpose,  Adessa has created video messages to go with each chapter. 

Please feel free to watch, stream live, download and share.

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Discounted Group Rate

Perfect for a small group study, we're offering a discounted rate of $99 when you purchase 10 books.

The Video Curriculum is free!!!   Visit the 4One Ministries Store Today!


What Are People Saying About
The Adventure: Discovering Your God-Given Passion, Place and Purpose?

"Is your life nothing like what you thought it would be?  In "The Adventure: Discovering Your God-given Passion, Place and Purpose," Adessa reveals that her life is very different than the one she imagined and dreamed of as a young girl. The reader joins Adessa on her journey from a life filled with dashed hopes and years of wondering what God’s plan for her life was to a purposeful life of complete fulfillment.

Here is a beautiful truth: God has a plan and a purpose for your life. From the day you were born God had a design for your life that ONLY YOU CAN FULFILL!

Each chapter grabbed my attention with an engaging story and ended with thought-provoking questions that make this an excellent book study.  With sound-scriptural truths and practical counsel, The Adventure will bring meaning, value and purpose to every believer’s life and journey."

       ---Robin Immel, Wife of Superintendent of the Penndel Ministry Network and director of the Penndel

            Women in Ministry

“The Adventure: Discovering Your God-given Passion, Place and Purpose” is a must-read for anyone searching for God's direction in a confusing world. When life doesn't unfold like we expected, it's tempting to yield to disappointment or question God's plan. Adessa writes with fresh vulnerability, weaving Scripture around poignant moments of personal testimony. She also provides opportunity for thought-provoking application, inviting us to know and trust Jesus in deeper ways. Adessa beautifully guides us to embrace authentic transformation."

       ---Angela Donadio, Ordained Minister and Author of "Finding Joy When Life is Out of Focus: A Study of 

           Philippians for Joy-Thirsty Women”

"Adessa takes you on an important  journey as you read this personal account of her life. You soon realize that God is working both in us and through us, even when life doesn’t end up the way we had planned.  The reading is easy, but the concept is often difficult for all of us to embrace; God is trustworthy with our lives.  This book will help you walk down that path and you will be encouraged."

        ---Liz DeFrain, Penndel Women’s Director

We have all have an inner desire to walk in the purpose that God created for our lives, however, many of us struggle to find this purpose.  In "The Adventure: Discovering Your God-given Passion, Place and Purpose", Adessa Holden shares her personal story of finding her purpose in God, supplying key advice and Biblical teaching on how to find your own purpose.  Adessa writes with brutal honesty of her struggle, allowing the reader to see she has lived what she preached.  I highly recommend this book, not just to women, but to men as well who want to find God’s purpose, place, and passion for their lives.

        ---Jamie Holden Founder/Director Mantour Ministries, AG US Missionary Assoc.

Adessa's writing inspires us to move from tunnel vision to a flourishing mind set that is centered around God's unique plan and purpose for each of us. I commend this writing to you and to those within your circle of influence.

       ---Amy B. McClenithan, Ordained Minister and Administrative Assistant at Central Assembly

Adessa’s heart pours out on every page of this study.  To say we need passion, place, and a purpose is one thing but to live it is another.  Adessa draws us in through real life encounters that always brings us back to the heart of the Father and what He is teaching us.   Adessa not only inspires us to find our passion, place, and purpose but to go after it with all our heart... a must do study!!

       —Teri Rising, co founder of One18 Movement

In "The Adventure: Discovering Your God-given Passion, Place and Purpose", Adessa shares her struggles with disappointment and how God changed her thinking from,  "How could you let this happen to me?" to, "How can I use this for you?" She shows the difference between knowing about Jesus and knowing Jesus. Adessa encourages the reader to embrace the truths God speaks over them and not listen to the world's lies. She's raw and vulnerable, sharing from her heart. Her experiences will challenge the reader and will help them become the woman God wants them to be.”

       —Suzanne Schaffer, Author of “Simple Things”, pastor’s wife and blogger

 Adessa shares her struggles with finding God’s purpose, place and passion. By sharing her personal walk, Adessa helps you to realize those disappointments and misunderstandings you need to deal with to help you grasp God’s plan for your life.  She helps you to pursue the abundant life God has for you. One of the subjects that touched me the most was living with a servant heart and being all that God wants me to be in the here and now. Thank You again, Adessa, for being transparent and challenging.

       ---Tina Roberge, Pastor's Wife at Living Hope Assembly of God and Executive Director of Churches that


"In this book, Adessa Holden, helps readers understand that God’s plans for their lives triumph over their greatest disappointments and challenges. She offers practical, Biblical insight on how we can align ourselves with God’s heart to fulfill His purpose in our lives. She opens up and shares her own personal story of facing challenges and shows readers that God desires to first use us right where we are. This is a great book that also includes thought-provoking study guide questions which help reader think deeper and more personally. I would encourage anyone who reads this book to do so with an open heart."

          ---Crystal Knudson, Children’s Pastor,  A Time to Heal Beyond Survival Regional Leader

"Adessa has learned the secret for finding her purpose and fulfillment through some very real and hard personal experiences.  She has an openness that is refreshing.  I believe God is looking for His daughters to stand up and move forward in their God-given roles.  The life lessons she shares in her new book, "The Adventure: Finding Your Purpose, Place and Passion," will help us embrace the plans God has for us."

          ---Laverne Weber, Laverne Weber Ministries


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