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The Truth About God

Who is God?  How can I have a relationship with Him? 
What does He want from me?  How can I live a full, abundant life as a Christian?
These are just a few of the questions we'll be tacking in our video series, "Life Changing Truths". 

This month's topic is:   "The Truth About God."


God Is Not the Person Who Hurt You

Trust God? Yikes!! Rest in God’s love? How do you do that? Relate to God as Father? Seriously?? Maybe it’s just me, but these concepts can be difficult---Until I learned these truths about God.

God Is Perfect

Do you ever feel like God is sitting up in Heaven with a baseball bat just waiting to pounce if you make a mistake. In this life changing truth we’re going to help you overcome that image.

God Loves You--Seriously

Do the words “God loves you” resound in your ears like Charlie Brown’s teacher? In this week’s life changing truth, we’ll help you throw off that image and replace it with the truth of God’s love.

God Is Trustworthy

Does trust scare you? Me too. Here’s a life changing truth that will help you trust God.

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