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Whatever It Takes Small Group Curriculum

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Because we believe that the Finding Healing book and Finding Healing Workbook would be an amazing study for your small group, we are offering a discounted group rate.  For just $120 you get 10 copies of Finding Healing and 10 copies of the Finding Healing Workbook.

Because we are so passionate about the principles taught in Finding Healing, we are offering the coordinating Video Teaching for FREE! 

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Whatever It Takes Women's Edition

Do you want to walk in God's will for your life? As you discover your calling, are you willing to do whatever it takes to walk in your calling? If you're ready to say "Yes!" then this book is for you! It's time to begin living a life worthy of our calling.

Study Questions for a Small Group are Included in this Book.

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Free Video Teaching for Each Chapter

To help small groups and individuals dive even deeper into Whatever It Takes   Adessa has created video messages to go with each chapter. 

Please feel free to watch, stream live, download and share.

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Men's Edition Whatever It Takes

Also available in a men's addition....same great message and study questions, but written from a male perspective.  Couples and families can work through it together!

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What Are People Saying About

"Whatever It Takes"?

     “Through personal sacrifice, endurance through pain, and a commitment to a strong work ethic, Jamie and Adessa are leaders who practice what they preach. They are committed to do Whatever it Takes and will challenge you and your group to follow the call of God in your life, walk in personal holiness, and be filled with the Holy Spirit.” 

– Tom Rees,  PennDel Ministry Network Men’s Ministry Director

    “Many are called to follow Jesus and to walk out their calling through their gifts and service; but not all are willing to do Whatever it Takes to grow and be effective in that calling. Adessa compares our journey in following Jesus to the marriage experience–we want to live happily ever after but not everyone wants to do the hard work to get there.

    Adessa takes her own years of experience, what she’s learned from the Word and others, to guide you in walking out that relationship and calling. Each chapter shares an important concept or principle needed  to build the spiritual health and resilience needed for effective ministry.  


     From understanding ‘you are not your own’ to ‘how to hear His voice’ to ‘walking in integrity, humility and faith’, she lays down a pathway to fruitful ministry.  If you’re looking for deep truths to guide you in building the strong character and surrendered heart it takes to make a difference in people’s lives, then you must read Whatever It Takes.”  

-Angela and Pastor Roland Coon, Former Creative Arts Pastor Calvary Church, Presbyter Delmarva Section of the PennDel Ministry Network, 4One Ministries Board of Directors

     “We’re thankful for ministers who are bold enough to bring the full truth of the word of God.  Adessa and Jamie Holden deliver that truth in a strong manner while handling each topic with gentleness and wisdom.”

-Pastor Joey and Lori Cullen, Philadelphia Master’s Commission Directors, 4One Ministries Board of Directors

    “What a privilege to endorse and recommend Whatever it Takes, written by  Adessa and Jamie Holden.

     Whether you are called by God to minister across the street from where you live, or across the ocean in a foreign land, this book is definitely a powerful tool to assist you in seeing what that calling can look like as you obey the voice recognition of the precious Holy Spirit and embrace the call that God has placed  upon your life.

    As you read and study each portion of this book, your life will be both enriched and challenged as you fulfill the perfect will of God for your life.

    Jamie and Adessa have a beautiful gift of conveying the very heart of God as they share personal experiences in their life, inspirational testimonies from the places God has called them, and numerous Scripture references to bring everything back to God and His Word.

    Don’t wait another minute to dive into Whatever it Takes!   You’ll absolutely be glad you did!”

-Pastor John and Susan Lanza, Glad Tidings Assembly of God

    “Jamie and Adessa’s passion for people is evident in the pages of Whatever It Takes as they urge the reader to abandon the world, every part of it, and walk in the calling God has for them.
Using solid, Biblical teaching, they share scriptures and real-life stories to teach truth in a way that’s easily understandable.
Each chapter ends with questions that are appropriate for individual or group study.
It isn’t often that a book comes along to challenge the reader using such realistic examples of how to put faith into action.

-Pastor Wayne and Suzanne Schaffer, New Life Worship Center

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