Ageless Truth Video Series

A Series of Weekly Videos Designed to Go With the Book Ageless Truths: Lessons I Learned in My Forties that I Wish I Knew In My Twenties

It's My Life

In this video, Adessa shares what a near-disastrous trip to the beach taught her about choosing your attitudes in life.

If I Like It...

One of the lessons I’ve learned as I’ve grown older is: “If I like it, (and Jesus likes it), that really is all that matters.”


In this video, Adessa shares the funny story of Ellie: a woman who she admires so much that she can’t talk around her. Here what Adessa is learning to help her overcome.

Your Voice Matters

Do you ever feel like your voice doesn’t matter? Does doubt or fear ever keep you from speaking up?


In this video, Adessa shares why your voice matters so much and how you can use it for God’s glory.

The Power of Personal Convictions

Why is it so important to have personal convictions—unshakeable truths that you will stand for and not bend no matter what? In this video, Adessa answers that question.