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Ageless Truth Video Series

A Series of Weekly Videos Designed to Go With the Book Ageless Truths: Lessons I Learned in My Forties that I Wish I Knew In My Twenties

It's My Life

In this video, Adessa shares what a near-disastrous trip to the beach taught her about choosing your attitudes in life.

If I Like It...

One of the lessons I’ve learned as I’ve grown older is: “If I like it, (and Jesus likes it), that really is all that matters.”


In this video, Adessa shares the funny story of Ellie: a woman who she admires so much that she can’t talk around her. Here what Adessa is learning to help her overcome.

Your Voice Matters

Do you ever feel like your voice doesn’t matter? Does doubt or fear ever keep you from speaking up?
In this video, Adessa shares why your voice matters so much and how you can use it for God’s glory.

The Power of Personal Convictions

Why is it so important to have personal convictions—unshakeable truths that you will stand for and not bend no matter what? In this video, Adessa answers that question.

Trusting Your Instincts

Have you ever felt like there was an alarm going off in your head and your heart screaming, “Danger!  Keep out!!  Stay Away!!”?   Here’s what I’m learning about listening to that voice instead of doubting myself.

We Need Friends

You don’t have to be on the planet very long before you realize that you can’t trust everyone. Mean girls are a real thing and it’s tempting to say, “I don’t need female friends.” Yet, giving into this temptation keeps you from one of the greatest blessings God has given—the gift of female friends.

I Don't Do Drama

One of the things I’ve decided as I get older is that don’t like unnecessary drama. Here’s are some practical steps I’m taking to avoid it.

Yesterday Does Not Determine Tomorrow

No matter what happened in your past, it doesn’t have to control your future. Do whatever it takes to overcome your past and gain freedom.

Overcoming Criticism

It was late at night when a “friend” who has a history of pointless criticism called me on the phone. As soon as I saw her name I thought, “Not again…I just can’t take how cruel and critical she is going to be.” So I let it roll to voicemail and came to a stunning realization.
I’ll tell you all about it in this video.

Who Made You The Boss?

If I want people to accept me and God’s unique plan for my life, I need to extend the same courtesy to them. When we let each other out of the “little boxes” of how people should be, we learn that variety is the spice of life.

Who Wouldn't Like Me?

Here’s a hard truth: not everyone is going to like you, understand you, or agree with you. Here’s a freeing truth: It’s okay. You are called to follow Jesus, not popular opinion.

Life didn’t turn out the way you thought...who cares?

“There comes the point in life where you have to stop grieving the life you thought you’d have and embrace the life God has given you.”

The Importance of Flexibility

A lot has changed in the past twenty years. Sometimes the way we imagined life would go changes just because the world has changed. In this video, Adessa shares about the importance of being “flexible” and going with God’s plan no matter what.

Hot Flashes Are Real

Okay ladies, it’s time to get real and admit that hot flashes (and everything else that goes with PMS, pregnancy, perimenopause and menopause) are very very real. Here are some helpful tips to help you manage them.

Be Kind To Yourself

One of the roles that I have always played best in life is caretaker. When I entered my forties I began to realize that I needed to show myself the same care and kindness that I gave to other people. Maybe you do, too.

You Can't Do Everything 

Being forty taught me that you can’t do everything. We need to prioritize the things that only you can do.

In this video, I share how a kitchen full of tomatoes taught me this lesson.  It's a really funny story!

Life's Not A Competition

Life is better when you choose to be a cheerleader instead of a competitor. When you realize that God’s kingdom is a team, you have the freedom to play your role and allow others to play theirs. As we work together, God’s will is accomplished.

You Really Need to Learn to Laugh

Whenever some asks me for advice on how to life their best life, one of the things I always say is: You need to learn to laugh. Learn to laugh at yourself and let others laugh with you. Life is a lot more fun that way.

You’re Never Too Old To Be Daddy’s Girl

Whatever your experience with your earthly father, it’s never too late to be a Daddy’s girl because of the faithfulness of your Heavenly Father.

What Doesn’t Kill You

Hello. My name is Adessa, and I am a wimp. A chicken. A coward. When it comes to confrontation, I absolutely hate it! Here’s another thing I know: The Heavenly Father does not like this part of my personality. He’s trying to do everything He can to change it.

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