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Whatever It Takes

A Series of Videos Designed to Accompany the Women's Version of the book "Whatever It Takes."  New Videos added each week.

Chapter 1
Your Calling Requires Commitment

Do you remember a time when you knew God was asking you to do something? Do you remember where you were, what you were doing and the excitement you felt? Even though that was an amazing moment, it was only the beginning of your journey of doing whatever it takes to live in your calling.

Chapter 2
Your Calling Requires Surrender

Remember that Sunday Song that talked about being in God’s army? In this video Adessa wants to share it with you (complete with motions) as she share about every believer’s calling to be a part of God’s army.

Chapter 3 Part 1
Your Calling is Unique
Have you ever looked at another woman’s life and prayed, “God, why can’t my life and calling be more like hers?” I know I have. Every time I imagine Jesus saying to me what He said to Peter: “You follow me.”

Chapter 3 Part 2
What Can A Woman Do In God's Kingdom
It’s a question many women have struggled with throughout their lives—I know I have. Here’s what I’ve learned about how our “Calling” can answer this question.

Chapter 4 Pt 1
Voice Recognition
Have you ever been in a room full of people when one familiar voice rises above the crowd calling your name? Whenever I read Jesus teaching about His sheep hearing His voice in John 10, this is the picture that comes into my mind.

Chapter 4 Pt 2
Making Prayer Practical
Can we just take a few minutes, grab a cup of coffee, and have a sister to sister talk about how to make prayer practical?

Chapter 5 Pt 1
How God Uses Ordinary People 
When it comes to the topic of living a life worthy of your calling, so many people ask, “How can I, an ordinary person, really do whatever it takes to live a life worthy of my calling?”
The answer is the same as Jesus gave the disciples: through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Chapter 5 Pt 2
Not Just for Pentecostals Anymore
Sometimes when we talk about the baptism in the Holy Spirit people ask, “But isn’t that just a Pentecostal thing?” Find out why the answer is “No, It’s a Jesus thing—-gift of God for all believers.”

Chapter 5 Pt 3
Why Haven't I Received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit? 
Maybe people wonder why they don’t receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit the first time they ask God for it. Here are some answers:

Chapter 5 Pt 4
The Holy Spirit:  Not Just for Special Occasions
Even after you have received the baptism in the Holy Spirit, you still have a responsibility to stir up the gift God has given you. It isn’t just for special occasions—-it’s meant to empower us in our daily lives.

Chapter 6 Pt 1
Taking the Big Leap
Have you ever read the stories of the great men and women in the Bible and thought, “Wouldn’t it be awesome to live a life of faith like they did?” The good news is that you can!!! God has a big leap of faith for you, too.

Chapter 6 Pt 2
Do I Want to Please God?
When deciding whether or not to take a step of faith we need to ask ourselves, “Do I want to please God?”

Chapter 6 Pt 3
Faith Means Work
One of the biggest mistakes that too many Christians make is they confuse “faith” with “laziness”. The two are far from synonymous. Instead, faith means that because you believe God has told you to do something, you do with all of the effort, passion, energy, and strength that you have.

Chapter 6 Pt 4
The Ongoing Journey
Walking by faith isn’t about one individual leap, but more of a lifetime of steps following God wherever He leads. One thing I’ve seen in our lives is that just about the time I take a deep breath and say, “Wow! God came through. We followed Him in faith and He was faithful”, that’s when the Holy Spirit starts asking us to take another step of faith.

Chapter 7 Part 1
The Price is Right
Anyone who is actively following God’s plan and purpose for their lives will tell you that their journey included the choice to make personal sacrifices and investments. They worked hard. They prayed hard. They struggled.
The life you may be admiring today didn’t come easy…instead, it took blood, sweat, and tears. Still, they determined that when it came to living a life worthy of their calling the price was always right.

Chapter 7 Part 2
Investing in Learning
No matter what path God has called you to follow in life, the odds are that you will need to invest in learning how to do it.

Chapter 7 Part 3
Investing Your Time
Wholeheartedly following God’s call and doing whatever it takes will require an investment of time.


Chapter 7 Part 4
Investing in Finances
There is no greater financial investment that we can make than investing in the kingdom of God.


Chapter 8 Part 1
You Don't Know What You Don't Know
One of the greatest gifts that God gives us to help us live a life worthy of our calling is the gift of a mentor. They help you learn all the things you don’t even know you don’t know.


Chapter 8 Part 2
The Perfect Fit
How do you find the right mentor?   Here are some practical tips to help you find just the right person.


Chapter 8 Part 3
How to Make the Most of the Mentoring Relationship
How do you find the right mentor?   Here are some practical tips to help you find just the right person.


Chapter 8 Part 4
Don't Expect a Participation Trophy
Let’s face it, we live in a world where everyone expects to be praised, told they are the best, and not succeeding is okay as long as you try your best. Everyone gets a participation trophy. But that’s not reality, especially in a mentor relationship.


Chapter 8 Part 5
Follow the Leader
When God brings a mentor into your life, respect them enough to listen to them. Simply put: Do what they tell you to do!


Chapter 9 Part 1
The "H" Word
In this video, Adessa shares a personal story of struggling to overcome a misunderstanding of the word “Holiness”. She talks about finding a middle road between legalism and liberalism and becoming the woman God wants us to be.


Chapter 9 Part 2
Let's Get Comfortable
How can you becoming comfortable in God’s presence help you life a life of holiness? Looking at the story of Moses, this video will answer that question.

Chapter 9 Part 3
The Kryptonite of Compromise
Compromise is to a Christian, what kryptonite is to Superman. It weakens us, keeps us from fulfilling our purpose, and being the women God has called us to be doing what He called us to do. How do we maintain our strength? Avoid compromise.

Chapter 9 Part 4
The Constant Struggle 
As we wrap up our discussion of holiness, Adessa shares a humorous and personal story of her own struggle to avoid compromise and walk in holiness. While it’s a struggle for us all, it’s also a victory we can all achieve.

Chapter 10 Part 1
Honesty is the Best Policy  
I'll never forget the words of the garage door salesman who sat at my dining room table and said, "No matter what, there is never a reason to lie."  These words stand true for every believer who wants to do whatever it takes to live a life worthy of their calling. 

Chapter 10 Part 2
Who Are You Really?
In a world where people are more concerned with how things appear than living with integrity, as godly women, we need to choose to be honest about ourselves.

Chapter 10 Part 3
Will You Show Up? 
Have you ever met some who was a reputation for saying they’d do something but then didn’t show up? Let’s talk about what this “bad habit” has to do with integrity and find ways to over come it.

Chapter 10 Part 4
Living With Financial Integrity
Honor God in every way with your finances and be completely above board in all areas of your finances. Remember that it isn’t just about dollars and cents—it’s about integrity.

Chapter 12 Part 1
Loving the Unlovable
One of the greatest challenges to doing “whatever it takes” to live a life worthy of your calling is choosing to love those who don’t like you or don’t agree with you. In this video, we’ll see what Jesus has to say about this topic.

Chapter 11 Part 2
Love Really Is A Verb
What does it mean to love your neighbor as yourself? How do we live this out in a practical way? We’ve got some tips in this week’s video.

Chapter 12 Part 1
Living With Conviction 
Over the past few weeks, the Holy Spirit has placed a message in my heart about the need for believers to be people of conviction. What does this mean? How can we become people who know what we believe and are willing to stand for our beliefs at any cost? Watch this video to find out.

Chapter 12 Part 2
The Power of Personal Convictions
What is the difference between an Absolute Conviction and a Personal Conviction? Find out in this video as we talk about the powerful role that personal convictions play in our lives.

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