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Just a Memory

We were eight hours into a nine hour car ride. Having run out of things to say miles ago and being thoroughly sick of listening to talk radio, we hit “scan” on the radio hoping to find some peppy music to energize us on the rest of the ride home. It wasn’t long until the radio tuned into a familiar melody—-a song that helped me through a difficult time many years ago. At the time I’d experienced a painful betrayal. Having given and given of myself in a relationship, I was devastated when I was rejected and the relationship abruptly ended. In my pain, I listened over and over again to the words of the song that basically said, “Someday you’ll just be someone I remember.” Honestly, at that time, those words were something that I hoped for but didn’t really believe would happen. The pain was just too great—-the wound too big. How could this experience ever be just a memory? And yet, here I was, riding in the car all these years later, and what I’d only hoped for back then was actually a reality. As the song played on the radio, I remembered the experience, but IT DIDN’T HURT AT ALL. The pain was completely gone. In fact, I could even look at the event and see that God may have orchestrated the entire situation to help me mature and move me toward His perfect will for my life. Because of the healing power of Jesus, this painful situation became “just a memory.” That’s the amazing thing about the healing power of Jesus: It has the power to heal even the deepest of wounds—-the things we thought we could never get over—-never move past—-can be healed and become the basis for our greatest testimonies. I’ve seen it in my life and I’ve seen it in the life of others around me. In fact, it was another person’s testimony that I recalled earlier in the day when I was listening to a very impassioned talk radio host share how deeply he was grieved by a recent news story about young women experiencing horrendous abuse. In his monologue, he said that one of the things that broke his heart is that these women will never be able to get over what happened to them—-that this tragedy will control the rest of their lives. As he spoke, I understood what he was saying—-the truth is that many people have had similar experiences control and dominate the rest of their lives. And yet, I have personally known people who have gone through the same type of abuse, and yet because of the healing power of Jesus and their willingness to walk through the Biblical principles to healing, they experienced full and complete healing. While they may always remember that it happened, because of God’s healing power, they no longer felt the pain. They weren’t controlled by the memories. In fact, they were able to share about what happened to them freely, without anger or heartache, in an effort to help others experience the same freedom. Because here’s the truth: Events that seem impossible to overcome can be overcome through the power of Jesus. I’ve seen it. I’ve lived it. I know that even the deepest hurts, the most tragic experiences, the most horrific abuse does not have to control your life and become a determining factor in your future. Jesus came to heal you, to set you free, and to give you a new life. How do you get started? How I wish I could explain it in a simple 3-step process in a blog! But this is impossible. That’s why instead, I wrote “Finding Healing” which shares my own personal story of overcoming obstacles that could have destroyed me—-that should have ruined and controlled the rest of my life—-through the power of Jesus. More than just my testimony and my family’s testimony, this book and the videos that go with it share the Biblical steps to healing that helped me and my family find healing, freedom, and the abundant life that Jesus has for us. You see, the truth is that healing and freedom won’t magically happen—-that’s why so many people stay trapped in the pain of their past. However, just because something isn’t magical doesn’t mean it isn’t achievable. The truth is that healing and deliverance are available to anyone who is willing to learn the biblical principles for healing and put them into practice in their lives. When you choose to partner with God and follow His path to healing, miracles are possible. I’ve seen it over and over in my own life and in the live of others. Most importantly, it is possible in YOUR life. That’s why I encourage you to read the book, work through the workbook, and watch the free videos that go with each chapter in the Finding Healing Curriculum. Most importantly, don’t just read the book, but apply God’s principles to healing in your own life. As you follow the Biblical principles to healing, I know that you too will experience healing and freedom beyond anything you can currently imagine. Even though it seems impossible now…someday the pain that is devouring you now will be….just something you remember.

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