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the "Big Step of Faith".

A few weeks ago, I put this post on social media: So this is strange, right??? This morning Jamie told me that he had the weirdest dream last night and then proceeded to tell me about it. Here’s the strange part—I had the exact same dream. No, it wasn’t related to anything that happened the day before, anything we talked about or watched on tv. Do you think God is trying to tell us something? Almost immediately I was inundated with answers like: “Yep!” “Absolutely!!” “Yes, and in case you need confirmation, yes.” Of course, there was the obvious question, “What was the dream?” At the time, we weren’t really ready to share. However, after several more weeks of confirmations from the Holy Spirit, we are now ready to share the exciting (and scary) new path the Holy Spirit is calling us to follow Him. Here is the background: For those of you who don’t know, for almost a decade, my brother and I have run our ministry out of our home. Although we consider it a blessing to have a home to work from, it is becoming less and less practical. As the ministry continues to grow, it is taking up more and more of our house. For instance, we work in our living room on t.v. tables. We’ve had to push our dining room table to the side to set up a desk and office space. All of our closets are filled some form of office supply or ministry material. Jamie is podcasting from his bedroom and the basement is filled with video equipment which we are finding it difficult to use because of his disability. In reality, the only room not being used by the ministry is the bathroom.

Because we consider it an honor just to be able to minister, we’ve been content to have our home serve a dual purpose. Honestly, we weren’t really planning on making a change. And then we had those dreams.

So here they are:

On the same night, Jamie and I each dreamt that we were about to buy a larger house. Just as we were signing the papers when the Holy Spirit stopped us and said, “What are you doing? This is not a good idea!! Why are you leaving the home you own, that is on one floor, where the taxes are low, and expenses are minimal? Why not just add on to what you have?”

I remember waking up with such clarity thinking, “That’s really true.” Still, it wasn’t until Jamie had the exact same dream on the same night that we really started believing it was the Holy Spirit speaking to us about creating a designated office space in our home.

After much prayer, research, and planning, we believe that rather than renting a temporary space or building a new structure, the most cost effective plan is to convert our 25 foot by 19 foot garage into a designated office. We’ve determined that this will give us enough space to not only work, but also film videos, podcast, and store books for the women’s ministry and the Mantour Challenge. (Because 1500+ books takes up a lot of space). The funny thing is that several months ago when Jamie was speaking at a church, a minister prophesied that God was going to call us to take a big leap of faith in our ministry. I have to admit that I was a little excited at the prospects. Were we going to move? Would a new avenue of ministry open? What could it be? And yet, over the past few weeks, it’s become abundantly clear that the leap of faith God is calling us to take is actually to stay where we are and make improvements. Honestly, I think this may be just as scarier as a big move. Yet I’ve learned from past experience that whenever God calls you to do something, He has a reason, He has a plan to make it happen, and all He really wants from us is faithful, sacrificial obedience.

One of the steps of obedience God is asking us to take in this project is to spread the vision to our partners, our friends, and people who have benefited from our ministry and ask if they will partner with us in this ministry expansion. Unless there be any doubt, this is a ministry expansion—-the new space will be used exclusively for ministry—reaching men and women for Jesus.

So how can you be a part of this exciting adventure? There are 3 ways you can help.

First of all, we would love if you would pray for us and this project. Pray for God’s wisdom and provision. Ask God how you can help us make this project happen.

Second, maybe you and a team from your church would be interested in helping with the actual construction. There is plenty that could be done and every bit of labor that is donated saves the ministry money.

Finally, you could make a financial donation to help us meet this need. All giving is tax deductible donations and you will receive AGUS Missions giving credit. Our goal right now is work in June of this year—-after Mantour Season. This is a HUGE step of faith for us; however, we truly believe God has given us confirmation that it is His will and necessary for our ministry’s growth. We’re excited to see how He is going to provide and to share the testimonies with you! Until then, we appreciate your prayers and your obedience if God calls you to help us on this leap. Here’s one last thought:

New adventures are scary. I get it (you have absolutely no idea how much I get it.). Following God into the unknown can feel like jumping out of a plane and trusting that your parachute will open. But one thing I know beyond a shadow of a doubt: If God has called you to take a leap of faith with Him—there’s no safer place to be. Honestly, there’s no where else you want to be because it will be the greatest adventure you’ve ever had in your life. So let me encourage you—if God is leading you—-like He’s leading us to take a step of faith and follow Him—-Go for it! Don’t let fear stop you. Instead, be bold, be brave and most importantly BE OBEDIENT! That’s what we’re doing—-we can’t wait to see how God’s plan is going to unfold!

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