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Quick Tips For Experiencing Healing

Been There; Done That

I've often heard the analogy that when God heals our hearts and minds, it's like an onion. It doesn't happen all at once.

Instead, God peels back our hurts and memories, the things that caused us pain, layer by layer. He heals one part, and then, as we are stronger from the previous healing, He can go deeper and heal another area.

I've heard this. I've believed this. I
've even written about it. Still, I must admit that I was completely surprised when the Holy Spirit began healing another layer of my heart in the spring.

I Don't Have Time for This

It's rarely something we plan for—most of the time, it's not something we want to go through. So often, our first reaction when the Holy Spirit brings up issues in our lives or shows us that we need to work through the biblical steps to healing to overcome or even go to a counselor to overcome, our first response is, "I don't have time for that."

But, the truth is that pursuing healing is NOT a waste of time. No, it is an investment in your most important asset---your heart and mind. Freedom and healing are ALWAYS worth the investment!

So don't believe the lies. You have time for something this important. So, pursue healing with everything that you have.

Why Does This Hurt So Bad?

Last Fall, my brother had incredible pain in his big toe.

The only solution was to face the problem and undergo surgery to remove the cyst/tumor.  Here's the thing: even though he had to stay off his foot for the next few weeks so that the wound would heal correctly, the intense pain in his toe went away when the tumor was removed.


Often, the same thing is true in our lives. Daily, we walk around in pain, struggling with issues and attitudes, completely unaware of where the problem is coming from.


Then the Holy Spirit, by God's grace and love, says, "The root of the problem is here…you need to go through the Biblical steps of Finding Healing to remove the issue causing the pain."

This Can't Possibly Be True

Has the Holy Spirit ever started stirring things in your hearts and minds… orchestrating circumstances to heal your heart, and your first response is denial?

"That's not possible." "That can't be true." "There's no way I have that problem." It's a super spiritual, "You talking to me, God?"

And yet, healing cannot begin until you agree with God and say, "I realize this is a problem in my life, and I want to overcome it. I don't want it to control or hurt me anymore."

Why Am I So Angry?
One of the biggest emotions we face when God is working on our hearts is often anger.

This was the case for me the last time the Holy Spirit was trying to work on some things in my heart. I was angry. And I didn't know how to stop being angry. Not knowing what to do to squash this anger, I called a trusted friend with experience in counseling and inner healing.

Thankfully, she was available and listened to the story of not knowing what to do with my incredible anger. The next words she spoke were exactly what I
needed to hear.

She said, "It's perfectly normal for you to be angry. It's part of the grieving process, and this false teaching has taken a lot from you. The key is to deal with the anger and not sin."


How Can I Overcome My Past?

Over the past few weeks, I've been talking about how the Holy Spirit has led me to go through yet another round of Finding Healing in my life.


At this point, the next question you may ask is, "What should I do if I want to start overcoming similar things in my life?" Watch this video for answers.


Why Did This Happen?

Sometimes, when you're overcoming things in your life, you may ask, "Why did God allow me to go through this? Why didn't He keep me from experiencing this?

I've been there and asked that.  Here's what I'm learning.

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