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Two Minute Tips: Life Hacks for Spiritual Growth

Each week, in "Two Minute Tips: Life Hacks for Spiritual Growth", I share a quick, practical tip that has helped me incorporate spiritual disciplines in my life.  Trust me, there's no guild here--just valuable tips for women's real lives.

Week 1:  I Want to Be Like Her!
Have you ever met a godly woman and wished you could be just like her? Here’s a tip: it isn’t about copying her clothes or the way she does her hair. You have to do the things she did. Here’s how!

Week 2: Following the Recipe
Have you ever looked around at the end of the day and wondered, “Where did the day go? How did it get to be bedtime, and I still haven’t read the Bible?” Yeah, me too. Here is a life hack that helps me realistically and practically overcome this problem. I hope it helps you, too!

Week 3: Where Does The Time Go?
Have you ever looked around at the end of the day and wondered, “Where did the day go? How did it get to be bedtime, and I still haven’t read the Bible?” Yeah, me too. Here is a life hack that helps me realistically and practically overcome this problem. I hope it helps you, too!

Week 4: Quiet in the Chaos
Ever feel like it’s tough to find a quiet place to be alone with Jesus?

In this two-minute video, I share one of my favorite life hacks for incorporating personal devotions into my life.

Week 5: Make Yourself Comfortable
Here’s one last thing that helps me incorporate prayer and Bible reading in my life: I choose to be comfortable.  

Week 6: What's the Big Deal About Bible Reading?
Have you ever wondered why you have to read God’s Word? I mean, we’re so busy—does it really matter? Find the answer in this week’s Two-Minute Tip for Spiritual Growth. 

Week 7: My Life Hack for Daily Bible Reading
Do you struggle with consistency in Bible reading? I think we all do it from time to time. Here are a few tools that have changed my life and helped me read God’s Word daily.

Week 8: But I'm Still Hungry...
Last week I shared how I read from a YouVersion Bible plan every morning. It helped a lot, but after a while, I started feeling like it wasn’t enough. I was still spiritually hungry. Here is the simple addition I’ve made to my daily life to energize myself spiritually. It’s made all the difference in the world!

Week 9: How to Find a Study Bible
Recently I asked my Facebook friends for Study Bible recommendations. Here are the answers I got, along with my recommendations.

Week 10:  Say What?  Finding the Right Translation
Growing up, everyone taught and read from the King James Version. Thank God they don’t do that anymore!! It isn’t easy to read. In this week’s life hack, I share how to find the best Bible translation for you.

Week 11:  Fact, not Fiction
Here’s a life hack for reading the Bible: Remember it’s a fact, not fiction. It’s an instructional manual, not a novel. As we read, we need to take time and think about how it applies to our lives.

Week 12: Not Just For Teachers…Bible Study is for Everyone
So often, we read devotionals written by women and think, “They must be brilliant! How do they know so much about God’s Word? But it isn’t that they have special enlightenment. It’s that they’ve put in the work. Bible study is something that all women can do. Here are some things I’ve learned to help all women make it a part of their weekly routine.

Week 13: How to Pick A Passage for Bible Study
What’s the first step in Bible study? Picking a passage! Here are some practical hacks for where to start.

Week 14: Who, What, When and Where
In this week’s life hack, I’m showing you where to get the low down on the book of the Bible you’re studying. It’s where to get the who, what, when, and where—and it’s super easy.

Week 15: Little by Little 
In this practical tip for Bible study, we are breaking our passage into shorter parts and diving into our study Bible! You’ll see how taking a passage “little by little” will help you absorb more.

Week 16: Where To Find The Answers 
In this practical tip for Bible study, we are breaking our passage into shorter parts and diving into our study Bible! You’ll see how taking a passage “little by little” will help you absorb more.

Week 17: The Best Commentaries for Bible Study 
Not sure what commentary will give you the best bang for your buck in Bible study? Here are some commentaries that I recommend.

Week 18: I Gotta Write That Down 

The older I get, the more I find that if I want to remember something, I must write it down.  Can anyone relate? 

The same is true for Bible study. 


A statistic says that we retain 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, and 70% of what we write down. Here’s how taking notes about what we learn in Bible study will help us grow spiritually.

Week 19: It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint

The most important thing to remember when starting a Bible study is that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. If you spend two months studying one passage—who cares?? It’s about getting God’s Word into your heart, not speeding through it.

Week 20: Try Again

What do you do when life gets crazy, and you miss the time you are supposed to spend in God's Word and prayer? Well, here's what I do--my life hack for staying consistent even when my schedule is not.

Week 21: Making Prayer a Priority
If I’m being honest, prayer is not my strongest point. I’m much better at being consistent with Bible reading—prayer is something I have to work at.

However, just because you have to work at something, doesn’t mean you should give up and not do it. Instead, you need to put forth extra effort and make sure it is happening. Here are some life hacks that have helped me.

Week 22:  I Don't Know Where to Start
One of the biggest struggles people have with prayer is that they don’t know how to get started. They sit down to pray and they aren’t sure where to begin—their mind starts to wander and they struggle to focus.

Here’s the good news: This is a battle for just about everyone. Here’s even more good news: You can train yourself to overcome this. Here’s something that has really helped me.

Week 23:  Worship: It Isn't Just for Church
Worship doesn’t just take place in a church service with a band and a worship leader.

Worship is supposed to be a part of our daily lives. It can happen anywhere at any time whether or not you can sin or you sound like a howling dolphin, it’s still beautiful to God.

How do we incorporate worship into our devotional lives? Here are some tips to get started

Week 24: The Role of Confession in our Prayer Lives
Last week we discussed the A in the ACTS model for prayer—adoration or worship.

Today, we’re going to talk about the C- Confession.

Here’s what I’ve found: As I enter into the presence of God through personal worship, the Holy Spirit often leads me to confession.

Week 25: Celebrate Thanksgiving Every Day
Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving—the turkey, the filling, the amazing foods, the fun? Did I mention the filling—I love stuffing and gravy. So absolutely delicious Thanksgiving isn’t just a holiday we celebrate once a year—it’s meant to be a part of our everyday devotional life.

Week 26: The Final Step in the A.C.T.S. Model—Supplication
Supplication is basically humbling, asking God to meet our needs and answer our requests.

The funny thing is that often we think this is the definition of prayer or devotions—asking God for the things we want or need.  Yet, in the ACTS model, it comes after worship, confession, and thanksgiving. Here’s how it works.

Week 27: Don’t Keep It for Special Occasions
Too often as Pentecostals, we view the baptism in the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues as something we do on “special occasions”.

However, this was never God’s intention. The baptism in the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues should be a part of our daily devotional lives.

Week 28: Prayer's Worst Enemy
A few weeks ago, I was reading an article about the worst enemy in a Christian’s life that steals their time in prayer.

Can you guess what it is? You might be surprised. I know I immediately felt convicted and new I needed to make changes to my life.

Week 29: Just Do It
While there are many life hacks for how to incorporate prayer into your life, it often comes back to a resolve to just do it. Here are three things that help me make prayer a priority..

Week 30: Why Devotions and Devotionals are not the Same
So often I hear women say, “I read my devotional for the day, so I had devotions.”

This only tells me that they don’t know the difference between the two words. Devotionals are not devotions.

Here’s the difference.

Week 32: Why I Don't Read Devotionals 
This week, I’m sharing the reason that for the most part, I don’t read devotionals. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? While I’m not saying they are wrong (they can actually be good tools), for me, it’s about priorities. Take two minutes and see what you think.


Week 31: Warning: Not All Devotionals Are Healthy
When it comes to devotionals, especially women’s devotionals, we can’t just pick up any book recommended online or sold at the Christian bookstore.

We need to be very careful who we are reading. Too many women writing Christian devotionals are teaching things that are not from the Bible. Here are some guidelines to help you decipher good teaching from false teaching


Week 33: New Season, New Start  
Anyone who knows me knows that I hate to see summer coming to an end. (I hate to even type those words!) And yet, with this new season, we have a great time to reset and recommit to prayer and Bible reading. Let’s start together…

Week 34: I Can’t Wait to Tell You About This  
In this video, I’m excited to tell you about the new Fire Bible App. I absolutely love it and know it will revolutionize your life.

Week 35: Right At Your Fingertips  
More than ever I believe that God’s women need to make time to not just read but also study their Bibles. In this video, I share the inexpensive, easy-to-use online study Bible tools that I am using to better understand God’s Word.

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