Brave women of the Bible

Who doesn’t love the story of Ruth?

A godly woman in a desperate situation is saved when God sends Boaz to the rescue.  Like a fairy tale, from starving peasant to prominent wife and mother, the book of Ruth ends with the happily ever after legacy of King David.   It’s...

So here it is, my deep dark secret, the worst part of me:

All of my life I’ve wanted to be a princess.

Maybe it was a cultural thing---the way I was raised---or maybe it was too many fairy tales.  No matter, the truth is that I’ve always been more than happy to sit back...

“You make me brave” by Bethel Music was blasting on the radio.

My brother said, “I’ve never heard that song before.”

“Sure you have---in fact, it’s the theme of the conference where I’m a speaker this Fall.”  I replied.

“Really?   Bravery is the theme and they asked YOU t...

“How could God let this happen to me?”


If we put aside our Walt Disney, Cinderella, happily ever after mindset for just a moment and look at the situation realistically, is easy to think tha...

Year after year they watched….they helped….they brought other women’s babies into the world.   


They helped other women through their pain, watched as their pain turned into...

“That’s not fair!”

“This is completely unjust!”

“Why isn’t anyone (preferably a man---maybe an elder in Israel)  speaking up for us?”

These are all thoughts that could have gone through the five sisters minds as they heard how Moses would divide the land of Israel. 

It was...

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