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Install Upgrades

“Install upgrade”

I genuinely hate those words. Whether it be on my computer or my phone, I cringe to see them pop up because I know it means one thing: I need to stop what I’m doing until the computer does it’s thing.

Yes, I know it doesn’t take very long and I understand it’s necessary. Still, it’s an interruption---a delay of my plans. I have to admit that all too often, I’m tempted to push “delay” and put the upgrade off until another day.

Lately, the Holy Spirit has been showing me that this is what too many of us do with our lives.

When the Holy Spirit wants to do an upgrade, clean out the viruses in our hearts, take us through a process that will make us more like the women He wants us to be, rather than welcoming the improvement, we see it as an interruption. We have our agenda, our plans, and our ever present list of things that need to be done.

When we hear the Holy Spirit’s gentle call we respond with “Later”.

Please don’t interrupt me now. I don’t have time for that.”

Sadly, whenever we make this decision we are delaying the improvements that He wants to make in our lives. In the end, we’re hurting ourselves.

What I’m learning is that if we truly want to be women who wholeheartedly follow Jesus and experience the rich, full life that He has for us, we need to choose a different route.

Rather than saying, “Come back later” we need to embrace each and every work that the Heavenly Father wants to do in our lives.

When He calls us to repent, we need to repent.

When He asks us to change, we need to be obey.

When He calls us to pray or spend time with Him,


….speak to someone

….overcome an area in our past

….or simply come away with Him for awhile the wisest choice we can make is to answer “Yes”.

Rather than seeing it as a burden, we need to respond expectantly knowing that every “upgrade” He brings into our lives will make us stronger, healthier, more capable, happier women of God.

When we see “upgrades” as “gifts” rather than “interruptions”, not only will our attitudes change, but our entire lives will improve.

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