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Is Prayer Enough?

I was just wrapping up my prayer time when I received a text. A friend was pouring out the story of what was genuinely a difficult situation and asking for prayer. Hurting for her, I picked up my phone and started to type.

Then I caught myself and quickly began to delete.

You see, after I wrote, “I understand this is a difficult situation and I’m praying for you”, I began to opine.

I started to advise---to put in my two cents in a situation I really knew very little about.

In that moment, the Holy Spirit reminded me that this wasn’t what she needed or even what she asked for in her message.

She wanted prayer. She needed prayer.

She needed a sister in Christ to hold bring her before God’s throne and support her in prayer so that she could hear and obey the leading of the Holy Spirit in her life.

After all, only God knew her whole situation. Only He truly understood why she was facing this challenge and what direction He wanted her to go.

She didn’t need my opinions….she needed my prayers.

In that moment, the Holy Spirit reminded me that often time prayer really is enough.

And I’m learning…..

I’m learning that people aren’t looking to me to “fix” their situations…..

They don’t want me have an answer….

They want me to pray…..

They want to know that they are not alone….

They want to shake Heaven so that the King of Heaven moves on their behalf.

Even though I may not feel like prayer is enough….it really is.

Choosing to really pray….not just say you will….is more than enough.

Quickly I was reminded that in my own time of need, the friends I’ve appreciated most are those who said, “I’m sorry. I understand. I’ll be praying” and then they actually prayed.

Often times, that was exactly what was needed.

So I’m learning….

Learning to pray, learning to love, and learning to follow up then pray again.

And I’m trusting the God Who answers prayer to hear, to answer, to lead and guide.

Most importantly, I’m learning that praying really is enough.

In fact it’s more than enough….it’s what we are called to do.

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